This essay focuses on the simple rules of creating a user friendly website design. The design concept of the website is created following a target analysis for the site, ensuring the surfer is
Call to Action: The Element that Makes or Breaks a Web Marketing Plan

This essay focuses on The web marketing Call to Action element that is crucial to high conversion rates in your website. The Call to Action
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Simple Design Principles of Websites

This essay focuses on the simple rules of creating a user friendly website design. The design concept of the website is created following a target analysis for the site, ensuring the surfer is guided in it accordingly. The simpler the website design, the better it will serve its purpose

Design Principles for the Web
Website graphic design is just not the same as old school graphic design.Designing a website, which is intended as an online shop is very different from designing a site that focuses on branding and image. HTML is the language in which the Internet sites are programmed, but you can run a website on a user friendly GUI or a content management system (CMS) software like Joomla, Wordpress, Ademama or Drupal. As a graphic and Internet designer for many years, I have developed working methods that I believe are best, I will be presenting them here .It is clear to me that other website designer may approach their work differently.

What Makes or Breaks a Website Design Concept?
Most surfers reach your website via the main search engines. Once in your site, the readers allow for only a few seconds to receive a first impression and for your site to grab their attention. If you cannot generate interest quickly and easily, readers will simply continue to search for whatever they need elsewhere, in other sites on the search results. This is why it is important for an Internet designer to create a design concept that transfers the main marketing messages with ease.

The Main Components of a Good Website Design Concept
If the surfer browses easily in your website and will find its navigation simple, you must have followed the popular standards of web navigation and design. In this case your website design goal has been achieved. Website design style in influenced by trends and the particular requirements of the website as well as the activities it should entail. As a rule of thumb it is best not to use more than 3 or 4 colors in the design concept. If an elaborated font is not readable on many computers (and you never know what type of computer the surfers use), it is useless in a website design, because you risk that many people will not be able to read the site’s content and understand what it is about. Too many font size variations will only confuse the surfers. It is best to keep the website design principles simple and constant throughout the website pages.  Designing a website to fit a screen with a lower resolution will ensure that it can be seen on more types of screens. A good graphic design for a website is a design concept that is suited to impress a wide range of users.

The Challenge of Placing Website Design Elements
The goals the website is created to achieve affect the placement of various design elements in the website, for easy navigation and communicating the right message to the surfer. The division of the web template into parts is determined by the size of the website and its content. For example, do not use four columns for a small website that has hardly any text. The standard division usually allows for a top navigation menu and a large logo and marketing messages at the top part of the website page. The center of the page is used for the bulk of the text content and the footer for linking the website pages to each other. Some websites add an optional and more elaborated side navigation menu, or the side column is used for news and updated, sharing modules (facebook, twitter and the like).

Lets Sum it All
Good website design is user friendly and adapted to make the surfer feel comfortable while sending out clear marketing messages. As an expert Internet designer, my recommendation is to keep the design simple. Think simple when working on a web design and once you have completed it, try to simplify it some more.

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