This essay focuses on the simple rules of creating a user friendly website design. The design concept of the website is created following a target analysis for the site, ensuring the surfer is
Call to Action: The Element that Makes or Breaks a Web Marketing Plan

This essay focuses on The web marketing Call to Action element that is crucial to high conversion rates in your website. The Call to Action
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Website Construction – Leading Principles

This essay focuses on the planning method required for completing a website construction project successfully. Planning ahead and securing a budget and resources is the basis of all decisions during the project and can also serve as a supervision tool for testing target completion.

Website Construction: Planning, Definition and Research
Like every elaborated project, website construction needs to start with planning the work and defining a budget. A working plan will enable orderly work and organized task divisions between all the participating suppliers, keeping the budget intact and will lead to professional website construction that will ensure the resulting website achieve its goals over time.

Principles Leading to a Detailed Website Construction Plan :
•    Market research of competition and terminology
•    Understanding what functions the website needs in order to compete in its market and fulfill its marketing goals
•    Characterization of the website elements and components
•    Understanding what resources and funds you need to complete the website construction
Once you have all these, you can get started…

Market Research – What Special Words are used in the Market  and what Web Functions are Called For
Terminology research will enable you to better understand the requirements of the website you are building. To understand the relevant environment, in which the website is competing, you first have to understand its jargon. Words first researched will later become keywords that will be the basis to weaving the entire website content and promotion actions. A good keyword will be relevant for the website’s market, with enough searching volume, but without heavy competition on it.

How Do Marketing Goals Effect The Website Structure
Is the website intended for a community, is it a forum, a blog or an online shop? Who is the potential audience of the website and what design and content is most suitable to them? Examining the competing websites will enable us to understand the field in which we operate and how it is presented on the web.
In order to determine the required website type and the scope of a web promotion effort for the new website, we need to decide on success targets that are measurable, such as how many entries/unique visitors/leads in the first year it needs to generate|| It is also advised to define practical targets to measure success, such as the number of entries to the website, leads and sales generation. For example, 20,000 unique visitors in the first year, 30 new leads per month, 50 new members per month. These targets will help us decide what tools to utilize in order to construct the website and what professionals we wish to hire to help||The marketing goals of the website owner serve as a basis for tangible operational targets for the website itself. These targets will influence the website type and the kind of efforts used to promote it}}.

Adhering to Website Objectives when Constructing its Structural Elements
Now that we know what the website is supposed to be able to do, we can list the components it requires. Modules, add-ons, tools, content block division, menus, pages and more… For example, what payment methods can we use, which search mechanism is effective and do we need a forum?   The true art is creating a website that has simple building blocks but looks sophisticated and cutting edge to the surfer. If we manage not to overdo it with gadgets, the budget will remain intact and the website will be clear and easy to navigate.

Planning Tasks and Their Cost
Once the Research and website definition stages of the project plan have been completed, it is easier to allocate the required suppliers and funding to the tasks included in the project. Should web promotion considerations affect the website construction plan? How critical is promotion to the success of the website in fulfilling its objectives? The answers to these questions have an influence on how the project stages and budget are planned. The project budget and resources have to include all the components, including a certain period of time to follow on the websites success, including resources to make changes when necessary.The first part of the plan should include clear task division, outsourcing required and a budgeting of working hours needed to complete the project.

In every serious project, or a successful website, the starting point is planning and definitions. If those are correct in the beginning and followed exactly in the working process, the results will be excellent and will remain so over a long period of time. A website can be an important business tool for branding, marketing or to serve as the window to the company, its worth investing in planning its construction in advance.

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