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Call to Action: The Element that Makes or Breaks a Web Marketing Plan

This essay focuses on The web marketing Call to Action element that is crucial to high conversion rates in your website. The Call to Action
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How to make Quality Links

This essay focuses on the characteristics to creating high quality Inbound Links. Such links can help boost your website to the top of the search engine results.

Acquiring Quality Inbound Links for your Website

people who build websites will find the information in this article of easy to understand. you probably already know its takes a long time to get good result following organic optimization for search engines, particularly in Google.

One way to achieve this goal is to create a network of links from other websites to yours. This network is called Inbound Links. Each such link serves as a popularity vote for your website and this is how the PR grade of your website in Google in determined.

the technique may be clear but the execution is not simple. If you do not approach this correctly, you might do more harm than good. The quality of the links is very important. High quality links are the links that will get you results, low quality links are a waste of time. In addition, there are links from certain websites that may even do damage to your site’s grading.

Quality Links Distinctiveness

There are five components that determine the quality of the site linking to you.

Your website PR grade: this is how Google ranks the quality of your website
Your Page PR grade: this is what Google thinks of the page from which you Inbound Link is coming from.

Relevance: it is important that the site linking to yours contain relevant content to your website

Link quantity: The total number of links that are located in the page in which the link to your site is located

DO FOLLOW links:links that Google recognizes as open for search engine crawlers

Page Ranking for Websites

PR means Page Rank. Google determines the PR grade of every website page on the Internet based on a few characteristics. A component of importance is the quality of the Inbound Links leading to each page on the Internet. PR grade is between 1 to 10. The higher then better. There are many tools on the web that enable you to see each page rank. The Firefox browser offers easy to install applications in order to see the PR grade of every web page you enter.

Distinct Website Page Ranking

The page in which the Inbound Link to your website is located has its own PR grade. For example: the PR of the homepage can be higher than the ranking of the page containing your link, then this means you have low quality links. This is because the most important grade is that of the page that contains your link, even though the homepage of the linking site also has an effect. It is preferred to locate your Inbound Links in a site in which both the internal page and the home page have a good PR grade.

How to Achieve Relevance on the Web

In order to achieve relevance in your network of links you need to create it by using websites that deal in the same filed as yours. For example, two websites about education (even if dealing with different approaches to this important subject) can be relevant to one another.The key words are of great importance when relevance is evaluated. If a web page deals with cosmetics, the Inbound Link in it should also be about cosmetics and come from another page about cosmetics. In addition it is important that the link title will be relevant to your keywords, for example the link will be tagged as electric products when the website deals with this subject.

Total of Links in the Page

It’s not enough to have an Inbound Link leading from a high ranking page to your website, the page from which the link comes needs to contain a few links only, for maximal effect. So if you have placed an Inbound Link in a page with PR5, and there is only one additional link to yours, your link will be a high quality link. But if you put a Inbound Link in a page with PR5 that has an additional 100 links, the quality of your link will be much lower.

Links Tagged as DO FOLLOW

Only DO FOLLOW enabled links qualify as Inbound Links for Google. Only if a NO FOLLOW tag is added to a link in the HTML code, the search engine will know it cannot follow or count the link.NO FOLLOW prevents spamming of the link network by swamping it with too many links. The web offers free add-ons to detect NO FOLLOW link tags.

To Make a Long Story Short

One of the most important web promotion parameters which affect your website grading is Inbound Links. Still there are also other important mechanisms of web promotion such as keeping your website up to date in top notch code stability, SEO techniques and infrastructure requirements and ever changing updated content on the highest quality.

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