This essay focuses on the simple rules of creating a user friendly website design. The design concept of the website is created following a target analysis for the site, ensuring the surfer is
Call to Action: The Element that Makes or Breaks a Web Marketing Plan

This essay focuses on The web marketing Call to Action element that is crucial to high conversion rates in your website. The Call to Action
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Writing Content for Website Promotion and SEO

Web content is what makes the Internet what it is, without it the web is empty . The web content in your Internet sites has to be adjusted in order to make it easy for the search engines to understand what the site is about and to place it accordingly in the search results. This essay focuses on content writing principles and tips.

What makes Web Content Oriented towards Website Promotion
The written word has not lost its power in the world wide web, web content is the tool that drives the Internet. Text is the main driver of traffic through websites. The content is used by Google and other the search engines in order to analyze what the website is about . If you want your website to be found in the search results in a certain keyword, you need to adjust your content according to search engine requirements. Good web content writing takes into consideration both the information you want to deliver and the requirements of the search engines, which are mirrored in website promotion methods.

Characteristics of Good Content for Website Promotion
The written content is being scanned by the search engines and analyzed in order for them to understand what the site is about. This is the basis for placing certain websites in search results according to their relevant subjects. The website content must contain keywords that are compatible to the theme of the website. In this way the search engine determines for what subject each website is relevant and gives it a grading. The grade is determined by the ability of the search engine to understand a website’s relevance to certain searching phrases. If these phrases or keywords appear frequently in a website, are enhanced in the web content and used in links and image descriptions, then the site will be graded highly for these particular terms. Even the file names in the website back office, the image file names and the domain have an effect on the website ranking. The above mentioned parameters are only a partial list of web content analysis parameters.

How to Place Keywords in the Web Content
Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the methodology of placing keywords in the content while complying with the search engines requirements. The first rule of thumb is to remember not to overdo it. Over optimization or manipulation may be punished as spam. For each 100 words you can use a keyword 3 or 4 times, this is considered good keyword density for optimization purposes. Keeping your writing natural is the best method to ensure that relevant keywords are used in your text. A website that is always updated with new web content that is relevant to a consistent subject will gain high search engine grades. Websites that use over manipulated web promotion methods (referred to as Black Hat) will be punished by Google and the damage is long term and hard to repair. Accepted methods (referred to as White Hat) should be adhered to when writing content for web promotion purposes.

Web page optimization refers to keywords. Keywords should therefore be used in particular locations in the web content:
•    Browser page title
•    Page content header – H1 tag
•    Keyword meta tag for each page in the website
•    Description meta tag for each page in the website
•    In the text itself according to advised density of repetition
•    wording of the link and its title should contain keywords
•    image description tagging
•    enhanced text location such as bold or underline

Lets Sum it All
Web search results are influenced by the content of the websites, which contain texts using relevant keywords. Remember, Black hat methods can seriously damage your website in the long run.
Page optimization is in itself not enough for web promotion. However, when it is combined with other promotion tools, the results can be quite surprising.

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