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Form Generator

1. Mark the marking buttons of the elements you wish to add to the form
2. Mark the radio buttons you want to appear in the mandatory fields
3. Click on the Code Generator button

At the bottom of the page you will find 2 fields with the contents of the codes. to activate your form. On one field you will find the contents for an HTML page and on the other field you will find the contents/script for the PHP file.

1. Save the contents of the HTML into a file and name it anyway you like.
2. Save the contents of the PHP into a file and name this file contact_form.php

Important:You must name the file accurately.

Upload the 2 files to the server on which the website is hosted, to the right folder.
Important: The 2 files must be in the same folder.

Form Fields
The Field's name Mark the desired fields Mandatory Field Optional
Zip Code
Phone Number
Email Address to which the form will be sent  
The Subject  
Should the page be redirected to another page after submission? Yes     No  
The Redirct page's address http://www.example.com

Click the button and the codes will appear below

Robert Packer's Contact Form Generator