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Meta tags Generator for SEO

Meta tags are an important part of the website and their purpose is to achieve a higher ranking and a proper submition of the website on the search engines. Eventhough today, a large number of the search engines do not use meta tags, it is important to insert them into the website. The most important meta tags are the description tags and the keywords tags

The website's title :
Written by:
The writer's name. It suits websites with many texts or articles. It is not mendatory.
The description of the website: very important
The keywords should be separated with a comma. For Instance: Sun Glasses, Glasses, Sun. very important
Website Generator
The Software you used to create this website
Experation date:
Experation date of the website: If exists. Not necessary
Not necessary
For example: All rights reserved. Not necessary
The graphic designer of the website. Not necessary
The Publisher:
The Publisher, if there is one. Not necessary
how often a search engine or spider should come to your website for re-indexing. Not necessary
Distribution: Not necessary
Robots: Not necessary
Copy the contents of this box and insert it into code in the head of the HTML page, between the HEAD tags.

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